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An event-ready mobile hair & makeup truck.

Laura has created a ready to hire, fully equipped hair and makeup truck. This truck is ready to hire for your next event or set location here in New Zealand. 

New Zealand's best specialist makeup truck rental.

With 4 or 5 makeup stations, this rental truck has been designed from scratch by myself, with the help of industry experts. The truck has multi-functional spaces that can be adapted to your specific production or event.

This makeup hire truck is incredible for:

  • Film sets.

  • Television.

  • Productions.

  • Fashion shows.

  • Special events.

Please contact me to hire the Ewe Beauty truck for your future events & productions!

Laura x

Truck Specifications


  • 2 divided rooms with side and rear doors. 

  • 4 or 5 Makeup stations with mirrors.

  • Hair wash basin and seat attached.

  • Fridge.

  • Microwave.

  • Towel warmer.

  • A large sink, washing machine & dryer.

  • Dimmable lights.

  • USB, USB-C ports & wireless charging.

  • Air conditioning/heat pump.

  • Slide out mirror.

  • Costume rails throughout the truck that lock.

  • Ample storage.  

  • Extraction fans.

  • Wi-Fi ports.

  • Cabinets with wire baskets and bin                       storage. 

  • Curtained changing rooms.

Truck Features

  • Heat Trace throughout the plumbing.

  • Ferry tie downs.

  • Requires Class 4 licence to drive.

  • 7-speed manual gearbox.

  • 6 wheeler with DIFF lock. 

Makeup Truck Dimensions 

  • 10.5m (L) x 2.6m (W) x 3.9m (H)

  • Water tank capacity

  • 700L fresh and 700L waste

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